After much deliberation I have decided to reboot Common Tricks. I stopped about a month ago, due to various reasons, the major one being that I was unsure if I could even afford the hosting costs associated with it. But after juggling some fundsĀ  and moving some numbers around it seems that we can continue. Hooray! Don’t worry, this reboot will be nothing like some of the recent DC comic reboots

In the down time I have worked on a few tweaks with the site and hopefully have made it a bit easier to navigate. There are now two shiny new buttons on the menu bar – Review and Blog- that makes it simpler for me to organise articles and reviews, so hopefully some more of them will be emerging over time!

There’s been a problem in the past with frequent updates, but now that has been adressed with the addition of a very substantial buffer that means even if I get snowed under with uni work there will still be consistent updates every Tuesday and Friday.

For those of you who remember and are curious, this is not the Super Exciting Secret Project of Joy that I mentioned… Work is still ongoing on that, but it is getting much closer to being revealed and hopefully there should be some more substantial information on that very soon!

That’s about it for now! Remember to check out some of the recommended comics linked in the right sidebar, or to check out our very own comic archive here!